Product parameters

High quality, high strength, low thermal conductivity insulation materials compound with wall thickness 0.1mm precision stainless steel profile, REMARKABLE? warm edge spacer’s thermal conductivity is only approx. 2% comparing with the traditional aluminium spacer. It decreases Uw 0.1-0.2w/m2k using REMARKABLE? warm edge system,which can significantly improve energy-saving insulation effect for the windows, doors and curtain wall system.

Material Thermal conductivity
High performance insulation material 0.17
Stainless steel 17
Glass 1
Aluminium 160


Product pass the -40°—80°alternated heat test according to automotive level PV1200 ;

Pass the test of Dew point, Performance to resistance ultraviolet radiation and Water vapor permeability according to GB/T1944-2012; The spacer passes the Environmental certification of ROHS2011/65EU.

The Remarkable warm edge spacer’s stainless steel surface improves the supporting strength of the spacer. And it can bond well to a variety of sealing materials, ensure the tightness of insulating glass.

Also, because the Remarkable spacer linear expansion coefficient is very close to the glass, which avoid the failure caused by adhesive surface expansion difference shear, to more efficient assure the sealing life time of the insulating glass.


The bending performance is similar like the bendable spacer, the manufacture can bend the spacer on the existing automatic stainless steel spacer bending machine, There is no need to add additional cost. Any shape can be processed according to customer demand, convenient desiccant filling and no leakage. The product is well adapted to modern automated insulating glass production.

High Price Ratio

The product has the excellence stability, excellent energy saving performance, and can minimize condensation on the glass and windows, reduce mildew possibility; Reducing the glass thermal stress, prevent the glass breakage; Create a comfortable indoor environment for users, meet the needs of high-end users of high quality insulating glass doors and windows, it’s the first choice of the passive house and energy saving doors ,windows and curtain wall. The product has the wider butyl coating surface than the normal aluminium spacer, assure the better gas retention rate of the insulating glass with gas filling, it’s the ideal choice for energy-saving insulating glass used for curtain wall.






Paper box packing (piece)

Steel rack packing (piece)

9 8.5mm 6.9mm 5m 420 5040
10 9.5mm 6.9mm 5m 390 4680
12 11.5mm 6.9mm 5m 320 3840
14 13.5mm 6.9mm 5m 280 3360
16 15.5mm 6.9mm 5m 240 2880
18 17.5mm 6.9mm 5m 220 2640
20 19.5mm 6.9mm 5m 200 2400
24 23.5mm 6.9mm 5m 160 1920
Color Availability
RAL9005 black
RAL7040 Dark grey
RAL7035 Light grey
RAL8003 Brown soil
RAL8014 Squid brown
RAL9016 Traffic is white

We can match the color from existing doors and windows frame and interior decoration bar for our customers.

 Calculation of the U-value
Uw = Af X Uf + Ag X Ug + lf X Ψ The window thermal conductivity
The window frame area
The window frame thermal conductivity
The glass area
The glass thermal conductivity
The spacer perimeter
Psi value: linear heat conductivity at edge of glass
The window area
    1-sash 2-sash

Calculation Condition

The window areaAw 1.82㎡ 1.82㎡
  The window frame area(30%)Af 0.55㎡ 0.69㎡
  The glass area(70%)Ag 1.27㎡ 1.13㎡
  The spacer perimeterLf 4.54m 6.84m
*Corresponds to the edge conditions set out in EN 10077
Outside temperature Ta: -5 °C
Inside temperature Ti: +20 °C
Thermotechnical Data for REMARKABLE? spacer in different type of windows
Glass Type Double glazing 4/16Ar/4 Triple glazing4/16Ar/4/16Ar/4
Ug=1.1W/m2k Ug=0.7W/m2k
Wooden window Uf(W/m2k) 1.4 1.4
Wooden window Ug(W/m2k) 1.1 0.7
ψ (W/mk) 0.081 0.039 0.086 0.038
1-sash Uw(W/m2k) 1.39 1.29 1.13 1.01
2-sash Uw(W/m2k) 1.52 1.36 1.29 1.11
PVCwindow Uf(W/m2k) 1.2 1.2
PVCwindow Ug(W/m2k) 1.1 0.7
ψ (W/mk) 0.077 0.039 0.075 0.037
1-sash Uw(W/m2k) 1.32 1.23 1.04 0.94
2-sash Uw(W/m2k) 1.43 1.28 1.17 1.03
Aluminium window Uf(W/m2k) 1.6 1.6
Aluminium window Ug(W/m2k) 1.1 0.7
ψ (W/mk) 0.111 0.048 0.111 0.043
1-sash Uw(W/m2k) 1.53 1.37 1.25 1.08
2-sash Uw(W/m2k) 1.71 1.47 1.46 1.20
Wood/aluminium window Uf(W/m2k) 1.4 1.4
Wood/aluminium window Ug(W/m2k) 1.1 0.7
ψ (W/mk) 0.092 0.043 0.097 0.041
1-sash Uw(W/m2k) 1.42 1.30 1.15 1.01
2-sash Uw(W/m2k) 1.56 1.38 1.33 1.12

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